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I was stuck in my own emotional prison. Having been in a toxic relationship for a decade, it cost me my self-worth, my identity, my happiness. Not only that, I was not able to make as much money as I could have, I hit the lowest level of my confidence.

I didn’t know what to do, where to go, who can help.

It was only after I started investing fully in my personal growth that I realised that I’ve inappropriate behavioural patterns that had been sabotaging my life unconsciously. Thanks to my past conditioning, I carried deep rooted fear to love and massive fear to succeed. It had sabotaged my personal and professional life. I paid a huge price for not knowing what I didn’t know.

But things look a lot different now.


My life changed the moment I decide to change and I did whatever it takes to change.

I’ve gone from being depressed and shut down, mentally, emotionally and physiologically, horrible thoughts of unworthiness, to a life by design, a life by contribution, a joyful mom, an author, an international transformation coach, speaker and trainer.

I had proven my self-worth and gained immense satisfaction from the acknowledgement of my perfectionist ex, who had treated me as invisible and made me feel less than human.

My 9 yr old son who used to say I’m not as great as his father now telling me “Mommy I’m so proud of you”

My 11 years of emotional pain and struggles, allowed me to gain 11 years of emotional strength. I graduated from the School of Hard Knocks that no psychiatrist had ever experienced and that’s what gonna make a difference in your life.

Having dedicated my entire life to emotional breakthrough, I’m now able to live my mission to Inspire, Empower and Impact women and men globally.

From a nobody, to having an unending streams of messages from women all over the world, many who I’ve never met, appreciating me for my work.

I feel FULFILLED getting paid doing what I love while making an IMPACT, I’ve the freedom to choose who I want to work with, more time and flexibility to take care of my loved ones and surrounded with a community of uplifting friends

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