Meet The Raving Fans

Have you ever wondered why do some people seems to have more competitive edges than others? What happens to your external results when you grow your inner world? These are some of the individuals who has embraced coaching into their life, let’s hear what are their coaching experiences. And if you are ready for transformational coaching, contact me at for a 90 minutes complementary Discovery session or schedule your call HERE 

Julia Gerassimova, Australia
IG: @Julia_gsma
Passionate Theta Healer

“She’s really amazing woman, she’s so sincere…”

Alena Lavrinenko, Russia
Purchasing Manager

“It’s really effective!”

Kate Zhirnova, Russia Energy Teacher & Certified Akashi Practitioner
IG: @Katyacoach

“If you want results in your life you’re in the right place!”

Pei Ting, Singapore
Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition

“If you’re feeling stuck in life you need Rainy”

D’Hann, Malaysia
Author, Speaker Founder of Raise Them Right System
Fb Page :

“Rainy removed all of my panic attacks! It’s changed my life!”

Josep Relat, Singapore
Founder of The Inner Wellness 

“I had a lot of doubts about how to go with my career, Rainy has over delivered all my expectations, she make me feel safe, I got so much more clarity on what I want to do, I feel confident…”

Nick Yung, Malaysia
FitCoach, Total Wellness Transformation Coach, Speaker, Author
IG: @nickyungonline

“After only one session my negative emotions have already gone”

Lilin Kan, Singapore

“She allows me to have a breakthrough, be more clear headed, get rid of existing backend templates that’s keeping me from being successful, achieve better trading results and overall way of doing things…”

Jack HM Wong, Singapore
High-Ticket Closer™, Entrepreneur, Author.

“If you are looking for somebody who can empower your life, take your life to the next level, you have to look for Rainy, she is the deal”

Jonecca San Pascual, Phillipines
Co-founder Zentellect Corp 

“She was able to give me the clarity that I need…”

Justin Leong, Singapore, NSF

“….it gives me the energy I need to really start taking actions in my life, to change my circumstances and to have control of who I am…”

Mike Soh, Singapore
Founder of BYOBC, The Difference Maker

“Rainy thank you so much, you’ve shown me that anything is possible…”

Claudia Acha, Singapore
Healing Angel Beads, Entrepreneur, Author, Healer

“Rainy will help you to really figure out what are those issues that are holding you back from unleashing your power…”

Jess Heng, Malaysia
Business Development, Marketing and Communication Manager 

“Rainy really bring me from sucks towards release and enjoyable..”

JF Louis, Singapore
Financial Adviser

“It was very powerful because it reminded me to overcome self-doubts and limiting beliefs because I had a lot of thought about am I adequate enough?…”

Lena Hermania, Russia
Business Development Executive

“You helped me get to the bottom of my fear and step over them…you are really an amazing coach, you can get to the bottom of the person’s concern in a very short timeframe, that was an amazing experience…” 

Grace Tay, Singapore

“I was able to find my passion and purpose in life. This is really transformational. I was lost and confused…you have showed me what’s inside me…I see lights..”

Jonecca San Pascual, Phillipines 
Co-founder Zentellect Corp

“She was able to give me the clarity that I need….

Maria Mikhailova, Russia 
Personal Stylist, Magazine Editor

“I had a very big fear, I was afraid to be successful, now I don’t afraid anymore. It was amazing

It was amazing, I felt freedom.” 

Justin Leong, Singapore
National Serviceman

“I used to be a very insecure person, really hate myself for who I was..and then I’ve been able to change, now anything is achievable, I’m in control of my life…it liberates me as a person..”

                  Mark Sevilla, Phillipines                   Business Owner

“…give me a sense of balance to rationalise things, clear my mind and have a better sense of directions and decision on my situation…”

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17 Lara

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