Transformation Life Coaching or Transformation Coaching is an internal process that emphasises on ‘your BEING’, rather than ‘your doing’.


“The way to do is to be” ~ Lao Tzu, Chinese Taoist Philosopher


It is not what you do, it is who you are.

Transformation life coaching involves a deeper work of expanding your capacity to see who you truly are, to understand your authentic self and to be who you can be as you allow yourself to tap into your greatness.

There is a lot of self-development work to be done before one can truly tap into their potential because of all the years of subconscious programming from childhood to adulthood, the limiting beliefs and values formed through life experiences and significant emotional events.

Often, our self-sabotage programming get in the way. Remember the times when you behave in an inappropriate way? Or you know what is the right thing that you should do or must do, but you are not doing it? That is the self-sabotage programming in action.

For instance, a woman I coached recently has a dream to create a holistic wellness centre for children. But her dream scares her so much that she started doubting herself.  She’s afraid, what if she aims too high and fail? She fears, what if she succeeded and lose the carefree lifestyle she has now? Her fears  stop her from taking action. Underneath her emotions, there is something deeper that’s created in her past, that’s been stopping her to move forward.


What about you?

You are your unique self, you have your own subconscious programming, values system, belief systems or rules of life that varies from others.

Hence, working together with your transformation life coach will help you to strategise and create your personal transformation plan that will bring out your authentic best self.


What does it take to do transformation life coaching?

Intensive Inner Work.

Your willingness to dig deeper and search for your true nature is what it takes. Often this process can be uncomfortable, sometimes it can mean acknowledging the past woundsembrace it and allowing it to heal.

It takes:

    • Courage to do what you fear of.
    • Self-motivation and discipline to take consistent action and to honour your word.
    • Huge honesty
      • Your willingness to be vulnerable
      • To let go of your mask and show your true self
      • To unload all the sh!t to your transformation coach
      • To trust and believe that she will hold the ground for you, that she will see the best in you and believe in you even before you believe in yourself.


You must be thinking, “that’s a lot of work,” right? Well trust me, what you want is right beyond it.


The key to transformation life coaching are to:

    1. Identify what doesn’t serve you
    2. Release what’s been dragging you down
    3. Re-install new programming, belief systems, values and rules of life that will bring out the best in you.


Just imagine your mind is like a runway to your dream. Once cleared, you’ll be free to fly to where you are meant to be.

aeroplane_runway to success_life coach singapore


Transformation coaching focuses on self-actualisation process, a process of helping you understand your best self, your qualities and innate gifts and how you can utilise it to create the life you love.

Transformation coaching is not about changing into who you are not, it’s about, being more of your best self.


As you grow and evolve, you begin to create the results you want:

  • You let go of unworthy baggages that’s been weighing you down, you created more space in your heart and allowed more abundance to flow into your life.
  • You see the best in you.
  • You know exactly who you are – self knowledge, self identity, self worth:
    • You became aware of your decision making process consciously and subconsciously
    • You took control of your emotions
    • You created new choices and strategies to change your outcome
    • You expanded your model of the world and created new possibilities in your life
  • You discovered the keys to unlock your greatness and created the life you love with:
    • Clarity
      • The clarity of mind that is free from self-doubts and and emotional baggages
      • The visibility to live in the present and see the future you want to create.
    • Courage – you build your courage to act despite fear and resolve your challenges.
    • Confidence – you grow your confidence to make changes and create the life you love.
  • You stop sabotaging your relationship and created healthier, happier, fulfilling relationship with the key people in your life.
  • You experienced greater sense of purpose and fulfilment in your career, business or financial areas of your life.

Coaching Approaches:

Now that you’ve some understanding of what transformational life coaching is all about, you may begin to question yourself, should you get a coach too?

The truth is, not everyone is suitable for coaching. Certain mindset and attitudes prevents some people from being coached.

There is an old saying,

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

When you are ready for a life transformation coaching, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen for yourself. And I look forward to work with someone like you who are ready, because that’s where my energy and passion goes. 



In Authenticity & Courage,

Rainy The Rainmaker – Making You Rain Your Power! 

Own Your POWER, Live With PASSION, Soar With IMPACT
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