Rainmakers Coaching Programs and Events

Heart Talk Networking Events

Where the dimming hearts turn into DAZZLING heart! An evening of Inspiration, Empowerment, Impact. If you believe that Who You Are Makes A Difference, do join us. At HEART TALK, we seek to connect, encourage and empower one another with our life stories, our struggles, our triumph and everything that makes us human.
If you are looking for a touch and go networking, Heart Talk is not for you.
But if you are looking to connect with people on a deeper level, over a meaningful conversation beyond the surface, Heart Talk is for you.
Moments of crisis have its most critical effect on our emotional imagination. As the anticipated future disappears, we are faced not only with the challenge of creating strategy in the absence of certainty, but with the emotional pressure of addressing uncertainty itself. Without confronting the underlying emotional reality that informs our decision making in crisis, our decision making will be tainted by anxiety and fear.
What if I can SHOW you that you can be fearless?

Masterclass - Building Rock Solid Confidence

Are you struggling with self-doubt, anxiety or fear no matter how much you’ve accomplished in life?
Do you feel invisible at work and bypassed for promotions, even when your peers aren’t as smart as you?
Do you limit yourself from taking up challenges that could expand your impact?
The fact that you are here tells me that you are looking for a real change.
And you’re probably already aware that creating real change must start with changing yourself from within, aren’t you?

Group Coaching – Jumpstart Success

Whether it’s achieving our goals, pursuing our dreams or transforming our life, the hardest thing to do is to start, right? Fear of failure, procrastination, over-thinking will always be there to stop you. So this program is designed to help you jumpstart your success. I’ll be your guide, helping you gain more clarity, courage and confidence as you set-up your inner GPS that will lead you to your desired path and success.
The 3 Steps ‘Rainmakers’ Transformation Method that you can use to destroy your inner doubts almost immediately.
Check out how  one of my anxious clients used the same exact method and see immediate results personally and professionally in less than 24 hours. 

Life Visioning Workshop

Feeling lost? Don’t know what’s the meaning of your life? Haven’t found your purpose? 
This Life Visioning Workshop is a  personalised system that helps you get in touch with what you really want in life. 

Personal Coaching – Rainmakers Transformation Journey

If you are looking for a total transformation in your personal and professional life, one that is lasting and sustainable, the Rainmakers Transformation Journey is for you. This is where we dive deep into your self-discovery, uncovering the inappropriate behavioural patterns that’s been sabotaging your personal and professional life, getting into the root causes, releasing everything that doesn’t serve you, reprogramming your mind to support your growth and success and reconditioning it for a sustainable, lasting change.

Webinar -Own Your Sucess

Do you often feel unhappy and dissatisfied with yourself?
No matter how much success you have accomplished in life, you can’t help but to feel inadequate.
You keep chasing one goal after another, ticking the check list and raising the bar. But no matter how far you go, you can’t seem to get there and you feel tired with the endless chase…
People keep telling you how excellent you are, but you couldn’t believe it. You think you don’t deserve to be where you are now, because you just got lucky, or you have fooled everybody to think that you are worthy. Hence, you are afraid that they will find out the truth.
There is a void in your heart that you can’t fill up no matter how much success you have achieved.
Eventually, you constantly feel not good enough and you are stuck in the vicious cycle of achievement, dissatisfaction and unhappiness.