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Looking to expand your mindset? The simplest way is to start with a book.

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Are you missing an evening of Heart Talk? Or looking for an empowering life coaching programs?

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It’s ok to reach out.

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ABOUT Rainy Rainmaker

Making You Rain Your Power!

Hello Amazing Soul! Thank you for visiting! 

I’m Rainy and I’m an Executive Life Coach, Career Coach, Trainer, Author and a Master Influencer who’s driven to help Go-Getters like you to break free from your mental and emotional prison, so that you can achieve more goals faster and easier, without anxiety, fear or stress.

Which means, empowering you to be your authentic best self, so that you can live a happier, more fulfilling, successful life – on your own terms!

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With yourself and the people around you. Discover what sparks your joy and what's important in your life so you can create constant happiness, fulfilment and success in your personal and professional life.


Get crystal clear on your life purpose and mission now so you can stop feeling lost and stuck next year. That means, you'll move with certainty and create the life you would absolutely love and adore.


Overcome roadblocks and achieve your goals faster and easier. Get over fears, have the courage to leave the job you hate or pursue your destiny so you can feel more fulfilled and alive every single day.


At work, you command genuine respect and gratitude, allowing your subordinates to give you their best performance. At home, your children adore you for being the most nurturing parent, bringing out the best in them.




What does a career coach do? 

How can working with a career coach helps you in your career? How do you know which career coach is good for you? 

What does a relationship coach do? 

What must you know before engaging a relationship coach? When I was awarded Best Relationship Coach Read more….


Singapore Life Coach




You should not get a life coach if:

  • You can achieve your goals faster and further by yourself. 
  • You know with crystal clear clarity and certainty what you must do to achieve your goals. 
  • You are already at your best self. 
  • You don’t like to have an accountability partner because you are consistently driven and motivated. 
  • You can see your own blind-spot and do not need a 3rd party perspective.
  • You are absolutely happy with where you are now and you believe it can’t get any better.

It is not a should or must to get a Life Coach. Most people choose to engage a Life Coach because they want to:

  • Improve the relationship in their personal and professional life, one that is supportive, nurturing, growing. 
  • Release the mental and emotional blockages that stops them from achieving their goals faster and easier, so they can have more time left to live their dreams. 
  • Save decades of trial and error finding the right way to move forward, so they can get ahead of their peers. 
  • Increase productivity and performance level, allowing them to take bigger risk and solve bigger problems, which open doors to further promotion and increased earning capabilities. 

P.S. To check out life coaching in Singapore, visit https://growwithrainy.com/coaching-with-rainy/

Before I started life coaching in Singapore, I used to have this believe that a Life Coach must be someone whose life is perfect with no flaws. Otherwise, how can they have the right to tell people what to do? 

I had that believe because I thought that is what a Life Coach does, telling people what to do in their life. I was far from being right. 

I’ve now realised that, a good life coach is one who believe that you are the expert of your life, and you have all of the answers within you. All you need, is someone who can help to pull them out of you, to discover the resources you have yet to realise within you, and to point to you the blindspot that you have failed to see. 

To read more about what a Life Coach does, visit  https://growwithrainy.com/why-is-it-important-to-have-a-transformational-life-coach/


  • Help you improve your performance by observing, giving feedback, inspiring new thinking and empowering with tools and strategies. 
  • Looks at the present to the future: what do you want and how do you want to go about it? 
  • Doesn’t provide answers or solution. 
  • Emphasis on performance or behaviour transformation. 


  • Give advice in resolving problems. 
  • Look at past to present: what and where? 
  • Emphasis on identifying cause of past problems. 


  • Treats or relieves a disorder. 
  • Actions not emphasised. 
  • Look at past


  • A transfer of advice and knowledge of a person who has been there before. 
  • Telling the mentee how to do what he/she has accomplished in the past. 
  • Look at present to future



Online Life Coaching is delivered online via video or audio conference platform, this enables the coach to work with any clients globally. It can be an online live session with the coach or it can be a recorded video or audio lessons. 

The good thing about live online life coaching is the coach is live with you, which means you can ask any questions or clarify your doubts instantly, allowing you to move forward faster and achieve your goals sooner so you can have more time to enjoy life. 

My role as a Life Coach can be viewed like an anchor that connects and aligns the key areas of life, be it career, business, personal and professional relationship or personal development. 

It is also common for clients who are facing a setback or who are going through a life transition to work with me. 

My coaching process helps individuals just like you to achieve balance in your wheel of life so that you can move faster and easier without anxiety, fear or stress.

As a result, enabling you to level-up, feel fulfilled and happier doing what matters to you.

Most coaches choose different professional title to attract their target audience. I happen to be highly skilled in life coaching, which requires me to deal with career roadblocks, personal and professional relationship, and self confidence to name a few.  

Whether you choose to work with a life coach, career coach, relationship coach, life transition coach or NLP coach, it’s important to have a conversation with the coach and ask them the kind of client problems they deal with. 


As long as you are committed to create the life you love and adore, we can make it happen. For life coaching in Singapore or to schedule your online coaching conversation, click contact Rainy.

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